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9000 Series – Facilities

9000 – Planning to Address Facility Needs

9010 – Site Selection

9020 – Facility Design

9030 – Facility Construction

9110 – Use and Selection of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Construction Managers at Risk

9115 – Pre-qualification of Bidders for Construction Projects

9120 – Bidding for Construction Work

6441/9121 – Bidders’ List

9125 – Participation by Women and Minority Owned Businesses

9130 – Supervision of Construction Contracts

9200 – Care and Maintenance of Facilities

9205 – Pest Management

9210 – Care and Maintenance of Grounds and Outdoor Equipment

9220 – Security of Facilities

9300 – Naming Facilities

9400 – Sale, Disposal, and Lease of Board-Owned Property

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