Faculty and Staff


Name Position email
Holbrooks, Sarah Assistant Principal
Jenkins, Annette Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeping
Jetter, Brian Principal
Smith, Lori Data Manager
Tallent, Natasha Office/Guidance Assistant

Certified Support Staff

Name Position email
Aulisio, Abigail ESL Teacher
Brooksbank, Karen Speech Language Therapist
Ford, Teresa ITV Facilitator & Test Coordinator
Franklin, Marcia Music Teacher
Garrett, Gale Art Teacher
Hedden, Tracy Upper Grades EC Teacher
Lui, Nicole Counselor
Miller, Melanie Academically Gifted and Reading Teacher
Moschouris, Patti EC Assistant
Stamey, Terry Media Coordinator
Zoellner, Laura Elementary EC Teacher

Other Support Staff

Name Position email
Bader, Marybeth Nurse
Broughton, Tim School Resource Officer


Name Position email
Covey, Bonnylin Kindergarten Teacher
Griffin, Joy Kindergarten Assistant
Henderson, Cynthia Second Grade Teacher
Hessling, Robyn Second Grade Teacher
Huneycutt, Kristin Third Grade Teacher
Jetter, Francie Kindergarten Assistant
King, Sherrie Fourth Grade Teacher
Lamb, Brett Athletic Director/PE Teacher
Lequire, Maci Fifth Grade Teacher
Mason, Stephanie First Grade Teacher
McConnell, Stephanie 2nd Grade Assistant
Page, Jacob PE Teacher/Ladies'Varsity Basketball Coach/MS Volleyball Coach
Potts, Margie Kindergarten Teacher
Reed, Cindy First Grade Assistant
Swain, Angela Fourth Grade Teacher

Middle School

Name Position email
Archer, Joy 6th Grade Teacher
Bates, Valery 7th and 8th Social Studies Teacher
Cook, Stephanie Sixth Grade Teacher
Hibbits, Sarah 7th and 8th Math Teacher
Lane, Michelle 7th and 8th English Teacher
Page, Jacob PE Teacher/Ladies'Varsity Basketball Coach/MS Volleyball Coach
Smathers, Stephanie 7th and 8th Science Teacher

High School

Name Position email
Aulisio, Brian Math Teacher
Billingsley, Gina Math Teacher
Brown, Caleb Social Studies Teacher
Cashion, Dave Vocational and Industrial Technology Teacher
Cashion, Sabrina Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Green, Chris Social Studies Teacher
Holmes, Tyler Science Teacher
Lamb, Brett Athletic Director/PE Teacher
McIntyre-Ross, Cathy English Teacher
Parrish, David English Teacher
Porter, Anne Business Education Teacher


Name Position email
Chastain, Debrah Cafeteria
Moss, Debbie Assistant Cafeteria Manager
Smith, Roy Cafeteria
Vinson, Lynn Cafeteria Manager


Name Position email
Ballard, Mark Custodian
Gordon, Dana Custodian
Greene, Mary Custodian
Henry, Jacob D (JD) Custodian
Tilson, Elaine Custodian

Bus Drivers

Name Position email
McCall, Dale Bus Driver