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MCS Social Work Unit

Sun Child HeartOUR GOAL: To partner with students and their families and school staff to develop a collaborative relationship and reduce the barriers to a successful educational experience.

School Social Work Services:


  • Intervene with students and families experiencing crisis—such as unstable or dangerous situations, child abuse, suicidal ideation/attempts, substance abuse, domestic violence, emotional or physical trauma, mental illness, chronic health problems, or poverty—and link them with appropriate services and to provide ongoing student and family support


  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and professional support staff to evaluate students’ needs, develop intervention plans, and provide/coordinate services to students and families
  • Collaborate with community agencies to meet student and family needs and to reduce or eliminate barriers to student success
  • Advocate for students to receive academic and emotional supports and resources to help with their success in the learning environment


  • Work with students/parents to improve attendance, assist school administrators with truancy complaints, filing criminal summonses, and court involvement, and coordinate services through the Department of Juvenile Justice


  • Work in collaboration with the Homeless Coordinator to assess the living situation of each student falling under this federal act and to insure that appropriate services are provided


  • Coordinate school/county-wide programs and initiatives—such as the Risky Behaviors Program, Early Intervention Program, and At Risk Teams
  • Participate in school based planning and intervention teams


  • Facilitate partnerships and collaboration between home, school, and community and to assist parents in understanding and accessing resources
Student Services Coordinator

Marci Holland

371-2459 or 524-3314, Ext. 486

School Social Worker

Annie Wishon

421-0324 or 524-3314, Ext. 487

Schools Served:

East Franklin Elementary

South Macon Elementary

Mountain View Intermediate

Macon Middle

Highlands (K-12)

Franklin High (Grades 10 and 12)

Schools Served:

Cartoogechaye Elementary

Iotla Valley Elementary

Macon Early College

Union Academy

Nantahala (K-12)

Franklin High (Grades 9 and 11


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