LEGO Math at MVI

LEGO Math in Mrs. Lipan’s class at MVI

Students in Mrs. Lipan’s class have been working on fractions over the past couple of weeks.  Each Lego brick was given a fraction value and a monetary value.  After constructing buildings with their various bricks, the students added and multiplied fractions to find the total value of the bricks they used but also counted how much it would cost to build based on the value given to each brick.  The students were so engaged in this lesson when I had the pleasure to visit their classroom!  If you want to know more about this lesson, Mrs. Lipan is always willing to share!

Engineering Musical Instruments at MVI

Engineering a Musical Instrument with Mr. McMahan’s class!

Students in Mr. McMahan’s 6th grade science class learned about the science of sound by inventing their own musical instrument.  These instruments are outstanding and have been on display in the media center for everyone to experience.  Students had to demonstrate their knowledge of amplitude (volume) and frequency (pitch) while playing their newly invented instrument.

Teacher STEM Resources Available


STEM Materials for checkout by Macon County Teachers – Materials have been purchased through the NASA Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative grant and the STEM-E grant funded through the Cherokee Preservation Foundation.  Please contact Jennifer Love if you are interested in checking out any of these materials.

MEC Eclipse Team begins!

Macon Early College Eclipse Team – Students at MEC are working with the Macon County Library, the STEM Coordinator and the Macon County Eclipse planning committee to create lessons for Macon County School students on how to view the eclipse safely.  They are creating media to send home to students, working on a Facebook page and creating keepsakes for sale during the eclipse event.  For more information about the eclipse, please see our eclipse tab on this website.


ESTEAM Student Conference 2016

September 16, 2016ESTEAM Conference for 7th grade students – Students from Macon Middle, Union, Nantahala and Highlands will be attending an all day ESTEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math conference:  Building Confidence Today for the STEM Careers of Tomorrow.  The day will include demonstration booths and student programs that focus on STEM careers.

We had a great time at SCC Jackson Campus for the ESTEAM conference.  Students in 7th grade from Nantahala School, Union School, Highlands School and Macon Middle School participated in DNA extraction from strawberries, Sound and Light experiments, Engineering a hovercraft and learned about Microbiology.

Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative meeting at MVI

September 21, 2016 – Matthew Cass from the Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative, a grant through NASA, presented to Macon County teachers about upcoming opportunities.  If you missed the meeting and want more information, contact Jennifer Love at


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