Thank you Sharps Painting!

Sharps Painting is a Bronze Macon Bots sponsor!  Thank you so much for supporting our STEM and robotics program!

For information on how you can become a sponsor, please contact Jennifer Love at 828-524-3314.

New STEM Education Program for 5th – 8th grade!

Meet Susan Steiner (left) who is the STEM instructor at Macon Middle School and Gloria Painter (right) who is the STEM instructor at Mountain View Intermediate School. These two very accomplished educators will be working with all of our 5th – 8th grade students this school year in STEM Education!
Thank you to the Macon County Commissioners and the Macon County Board of Education!

STEM Updates for Teachers and Administration


STEM Positions – Welcome our two new STEM Teachers –Susan Steiner at Macon Middle School and Gloria Painter at Mountain View Intermediate School.  Curriculum support and career/continued education focus.

  • Engineering Design Process
  • Robotics
  • Project Based Learning
  • Community Partnerships

STEM Nights– If your school is interested in participating, please let me know asap so I can get a date on the calendar.

  • MVI – Nov. 7th
  • EFE – Jan. 16th 2020

STEM Coffeehouse – middle and high school – will start in October and is after school at the FROGS headquarters.  Flyers will be posted at school and a text/email will be sent for advertising.  Guest speakers discuss careers and conduct an activity related to the career.

Oct. 7thMycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup Engage with a community of fungi lovers who are dedicated to the study and cultivation of mycoflora and share strains, cultivation techniques, and customized agar recipes. Watch pros like Alan Rockefeller DNA sequence new species of mushroom, or jumpstart new cultured varieties of edible and medicinal mushrooms from liquid cultures, agar plates, grow bags, or wild specimens.  Learn to use mycelium to make physical objects like bowls and cups, mycofabrics, and biodegradable packing materials.

Oct. 14thWomen in STEM with Aerospace Engineer and Mathematician

Science/Math oriented field trips and outreach programs – please let teachers know that I have several field trip options/contacts and possible funding support.

  • Highlands Biological Station/Highlands Nature Center/Highlands Outreach
  • The Bascom Gallery
  • NC Arboretum
  • Young Harris Planetarium
  • Fontana Regional Library

Discovery Education – We have the Math Techbook license for MMS, FHS and MEC for two more years.  We also have Discovery Education streaming for one more school year.  Please encourage teachers to take advantage of these resources.  They can access through NCIAM Discovery Education icon.

Professional Development related to STEM-

  • I am posting PD opportunities on the website from NCCAT, The Science House and other local providers. If teachers ask for PD, please refer them to the STEM website –
  • CREW is September 30th (Monday). I have funds for 6 teachers and will be handling the registration for teachers to attend.  Please let me know if you plan to allow teachers to use local school PD funds for this event.
  • Additional PD needs? org? Literacy in STEM?  STEM Strategies in Macon share session?  Please let me know what your teachers need and we will see if we can get it scheduled and sub pay funded.

NC Science Festival is the month of April – the theme is STEM for ALL.  I will be planning events for the NC Science Festival in Macon County (Examples – Earth Day Celebration, Duke Energy Science Night (grant), guest speakers, star gazing night for public).

Grants:  Currently receiving funding from

  • NASA for NASA related curriculum activities (materials, PD, field trips).
  • STEM-E (until end of September and then we hope to be renewed for next year). If renewed we will have funding for professional development, materials and STEM Nights or other community related STEM events.  This grant also funds the STEM-E clubs at almost all the schools.  This involves the fall STEM Student Conferences (Elementary is Oct. 18th, Middle is September 6 and High is September 5).
  • Community STEM Donations – some folks from the community have contributed funds to support specific events (Muddy Sneakers at MVI, Robotics). These funds are also used for materials and for some professional development support (CREW).


5th – 8th grade will have robotics as part of their STEM classes.  It will be determined in early 2020 if we will be forming teams and competing at the local level.

9th – 12th grade Macon Bots will be meeting twice a month in the Fall and once a week in the Spring semester.  We are not participating in the FIRST competition this year but will be building a robot on our own to donate to the community (SWAT team possibility).  There is room on this team to join and we meet at the STEM Space at the business park.

Makerspaces in Media Centers – EFE, SME, Highlands School – please let me know if your media specialist is interested in developing a Makerspace.  We are working on putting “rotating activities” in the spaces to share across schools.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Jennifer Love


Nintendo Switch Fundraiser!

Support the Macon Bots by purchasing a $5.00 raffle ticket to win a Nintendo Switch gameplayer.  The raffle will go through October 19, 2019.  Value is $299.00.  All proceeds go to the Macon Bots Robotics team.  For more information, please contact Jennifer Love at

STEM Positions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our County Commissioners and County Manager for their support of public education in our county. We truly believe that each of you understands that our children are our future.

Thank you for your willingness to support an education that will prepare our students to become the employees needed by businesses in Macon County and throughout the world. As a result of your efforts, Macon County students will leave our high schools with a better understanding of the technology & skills necessary to be successful in any career path.

By continuing to provide resources needed for renovation and maintenance, you ensure that our children and staff are able to learn and work in safe, modern facilities.

When we invest in students, we are investing in our greatest asset!

Thank you!

STEM Educator – Macon Middle School
Certifications: Middle School certification (preferred math or science), High School Certification (will need to add on math/science if not Middle School certified)
STEM Educator – Mountain View Intermediate School
Certifications: K-6 Elementary Education
This position will see every student in the school through the course of the year, must be flexible, and willing to collaborate with other teachers. This position will work closely with the STEM Coordinator to implement a rigorous STEM curriculum focused on developing a pipeline and preparing students for courses offered at the high school, community college and higher education levels. The curriculum will also link these courses to careers found in our community. STEM skills and experience are preferred (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) but more importantly is an individual who can engage students, is creative, and can facilitate independent learning. This position will be working with students on the FIRST Lego League robotics program and will also be coordinating a Science Olympiad team. Experience in these two areas is not necessary but preferred. This position will require some after-school, evening and weekend work for clubs, competitions, and events.
For more information or to apply, please contact Jennifer Love at or go to the Macon County School Administrative Offices at 1202 Old Murphy Rd. to apply.

Muddy Sneakers seeking Field Instructors for Fall 2019!

Mountain View Intermediate School will be offering the Muddy Sneakers program to ALL of our 5th-grade students next year.  This program provides 6 field experiences (4 off-site and 2 on the school campus) that correlate with the science standards for 5th grade.  Because we have such a large group, they are looking to hire part-time instructors for their program.

Also, if you would like to learn more about this program or how you can sponsor a student or team, please contact Jennifer Love at  The total cost is $50.00 per student for ALL 6 field experiences.

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