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Multi-tiered System of Support

Macon County Schools
MTSS (Multi-tiered System of Support)
NC MTSS is a multi-tiered framework that promotes school improvement through engaging, research-based academic and behavioral practices as well as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). NC MTSS employs a systems approach using data-driven problem solving to maximize growth for ALL.
MTSS Infographic
What is "Support"?
Schools implementing an MTSS framework organize academic, behavior, attendance and social and emotional learning supports under these three areas:
1. Environment: refers to the expectations for all students and staff. Schools focus on building efficient and positive environments by installing strategic schedules, maintaining engaging practices and teaching clear behavioral expectations. Families may support this by getting students to school on time every day possible, by being engaged in the school culture, maintaining an open dialogue with the school through high school, and reinforcing the behavior expectations.
2. Curriculum: refers to standards-aligned materials (lessons, texts, programs, etc.) and the experiences that facilitate instruction and enhance learning for all students. NCDPI supports school districts in their selection and implementation of evidence-based, standards-aligned resources that meet student needs. The curriculum includes academic, behavioral, and social-emotional objectives. Families may support the curriculum by staying aware of what students are learning and encouraging students to take full advantage of school resources like teacher web pages, study sessions, and the media center.
3. Instruction: refers to the practices used to deliver the curriculum to all students. In NC public schools, instruction is aligned to the standards, the available curriculum, and student needs. Instruction is evidence-based, responsive to the culture of the school, and includes multiple methods of delivery. Families may support school instruction by encouraging students to develop positive relationships, ensuring they get plenty of rest, assisting with practicing skills, and helping them in maintaining involvement in extracurricular activities. 
So What Does That Mean?
It just means that ALL students will be provided the instruction they need to make progress towards meeting standards as we prepare them for college, career and community readiness. 
ALL students will receive core instruction with academic, behavioral, and social-emotional practices based on the needs of the district and school populations.
An Ongoing Partnership
Macon County Schools is committed to engaging students and their families in the problem-solving process when a student is in need of additional supports. 
Every student in Macon County Schools receives core support (Tier 1). If it is determined that a student is in need of additional supports; Supplemental (Tier 2) or Intensive (Tier 3) families will be notified via an invitation to review data and collaborate on steps moving forward. Here is an example of what the invitation to conference will look like. 
If you have any questions about the MTSS process please don't hesitate to reach out to your student's school principal.
At any time, within a multi-tiered system of support, a parent or teacher may request a formal evaluation in writing if your student is suspected of having a disability. When this occurs it is called a "referral to special education" and the problem-solving team that meets in called the individualized education program team (IEP Team). Any written requests for a formal evaluation should be given to the student's principal. 
MTSS Quick Facts:
  • ALL staff and students are part of a multi-tiered system of support
  • MTSS utilizes a systematic problem-solving model to analyze multiple pieces of information to determine how all students are responding to classroom instruction.
  • School teams look at instructional practices, curriculum, and the environment to ensure that students get the help they need when they need it.
  • MTSS is a layering of academic, behavior and social emotional supports. Additional supports are added as needed.
  • ALL students have access to all layers of instructional support, instruction increases in intensity as layers are added.